Layoff – My Story

Update: I was not affected by the layoff in the news. I’m sharing about the one I had a while ago. I don’t need a new opportunity for now. Thanks for asking. 🙂


It was one of less ideal days at work.

While getting ready for work, I received an email announcing the layoff of over 400 people in marketing.

At work, a series of follow-up meetings got scheduled. I talked to my team, who didn’t get affected, to address any concerns.

Later in the afternoon, farewell emails began to arrive. I replied to some, wished the best, and connected to them on LinkedIn.

It surely hurts when it happens. Either to me or to my colleagues.

I was laid off in 2001. It was just 9 months after I started my first full time job when the company shut down my department. I was confused, angry and felt like a failure, then I cried.

Looking back, I am thankful for the experience.

It opened up better opportunities. With the previous work experience, the job search was much easier. I had better understanding of what I could offer, and which companies needed it. In the end, I landed at a company with a greater fit.

It helped me have the right mindset at work. At the new company, I grew so much and so fast because I was humbled and grateful for the new opportunity every day.

It also gave me a better perspective on my career. Since then, no matter how I like my job, I keep reminding myself that “this won’t be my last company“. Employment can change, but relationship, skills and experiences will last. It’s wise to focus on what will last.

If it happens again, it will still hurt, but I won’t feel the same confusion, anger or failure. I won’t cry. 🙂

I hope all my colleagues keep their heads up, get stronger and wiser, and find better opportunities.

Best wishes for their career and families.