Catching Up

Many things have happened since the last post in February.

1. Kaggle and other competitions

2. Kaggler package

  • Kaggler 0.3.8 was released.
  • Fellow Kaggler, Jiming Ye added an online tree learner to the package.

I will post about each update soon.  Stay tuned! 🙂

Author: Jeong-Yoon Lee

Kaggler. Data Scientist. Father of Five.

4 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. Hey Jeong,

    Congratulations on your awesome performances. I am particularly interested in having a glance at the codes of Countable Care competition. I could only reach to a particular score and I got stuck. I wanted to learn where I did wrong and how should I improve? Did you by any chance open source the codes anywhere?

    1. Hi Phani, For various reasons, Abhishek and I decided not to disclose our code, but you can still see Gilberto’s approach posted in the forum, which is very similar to ours. Indeed your team achieved a pretty good score (only 0.0027 lower than ours). Differences between top 10 teams are small, and it’s not that the 8th team was worse than 1st or did something wrong. Just keep trying. I’m sure that you will win another one sometime soon.

      1. Yes. I have seen Gilberto’s approach on the forums. I did something similar to what he’s done. I tried stacking the LR, RF and XGB but I couldn’t get the boost he’s got. It was the 1st competition which I tried stacking and I couldn’t get it right. Guess, I should keep trying 🙂

        We were doing well on the LB and suddenly Giba, aguschin and your team zoomed past us! We missed a trick somewhere. Hmm, that’s ok.

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