We are Data Scientists and Kagglers.

We enjoy participating in data science competitions. In every competition, we learn something new – new algorithms (Factorization Machine, Follow-the-Regularized-Leader), new tools (Vowpal Wabbit, XGBoost, LightGBM, Keras), and new domain knowledge. It helps us keep our skills up-to-date in the fast evolving fields of Machine Learning and Data Science.

With Kaggler TV, we’d like to share our learning and experiences with others. We’ll announce new releases of Python package Kaggler – that we wrote for Kaggle competitions – here as well.

If you’re interested in contributing to Kaggler.com, please email us at [email protected]



Jeong-Yoon Lee: Jeong is a Competition Master at Kaggle. He participated in over 100 competitions, won 6 times including KDD Cup 2012 and 2015, and was ranked Top-10 at Kaggle in 2015. He served as KDD Cup co-chair at KDD Cup 2018. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Southern California. He’s originally from South Korea.

Tam T. Nguyen: Tam is a Competition Grandmaster at Kaggle. He won the 1st prizes at KDD Cup 2015, IJCAI-15 repeat buyer competition, and Springleaf marketing response competition. He is a Postdoctoral Search Fellow at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Prior to that, he was Data Analytics Project Lead at I2R A*STAR. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from NTU, Singapore. He’s originally from Vietnam.

Hang Li: Hang is a Competition Master at Kaggle. He participated in over 30 Data Science Competitions. He has a strong passion for using machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems. He earned his Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering from Tsinghua University. He’s originally from China.